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Sketchbook Quartett“ is a Vienna-based post-jazz group. The group consists of four young musicians who share their interest in the modern creative improvised sound. The unorthodox instrumentation and elaborated compositions combined with their synergy for drive and passion guarantee a young, fresh and vibrating sound.
Leonhard Skorupa: saxophone
Daniel Moser: bassclarinet
Alexander Wallner: guitar
Konstantin Kräutler: drums


Without a bass, but with a wry sense of humour the band thrives on various forms of musical interaction rooted in the history of jazz, often switching idioms within a single composition; the swift shift between tight arrangements, ensemble playing and excursions into extensive improvisation and soloing – without the presumable backing instruments having the chance to take a nap – being a hallmark of “Sketchbook Quartett”
David Mochida Krispel in FALTER 20/15
Leo Skorupa (sax), Dan Moser (bass clarinet), Alex Wallner (g) and Constantin “the con man“ Kraeutler who form the band give ample proof that they are at home and at ease with quite diverse stylistic approaches and they really make the most of it. The very distinct sound of Sketchbook Quartet’s debut is rich in variety and texture, but still seems to come quite easily to them without being strenuously cerebral.(…)
“Ottos Mops” really turns out to be a quite relaxed and nonchalant, but still highly original and even innovative album, not only to be enjoyed by dedicated jazz aficionados.
Michael Ternai in MUSIC AUSTRIA Magazine

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Ottos Mops (SWR79)




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